Pre-Order Info

Pre-Order Process

Step 1:  Garment Selection and Design

  • We will work with you to select the brand and color desired for the fund raiser, family function, church gathering, etc.
  • We carry all brands that vary from 100% cotton, poly blends, 100% polyester, etc. Garments available are short sleeve, long sleeve, hoodies, raglans, etc.
  • Share your ideas with us and we will design it for you. We are very skilled and experienced in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator to create your design.
  • Experienced in multiple printing processes and have plastisol and water based inks available for that prefect fit and need.

Step 2:  Setting Order Date and Sharing on Social Media

  • Depending on your deadline or date of venue, we will post for sale at for people to purchase. 
  • Our website is integrated with facebook and instagram to provide purchasing through the social media platforms.
  • Depending on your needs we can push facebook and instagram ads to reach more potential customers.

Step 3:  Print Date

  • Order end dates is strict. Normally we provide 3-4 weeks for ordering to provide ample time. Once deadline is reached and the campaign ends, the product will no longer be available. 
  • Once we have a final count and size list, we will order that amount for printing. Print Dates may vary 1-2 days allowing for shipping and delivery to Boudreaux's Screen Printing Co.

Step4:  Shipping and Handling

  • Our website platform gives us the ability to offer order processing, invoicing, shipping and correspondence with customer, generating shipping labels, and providing tracking numbers for your customers.
  • Your customers will receive their purchase in advance to the BIG date or gathering. 


Benefits To Process

  • No upfront out of pocket expense
  • No collecting money for tons of people
  • No putting together size lists
  • No time out of your busy schedule delivering shirts or setting up location for people to pick up shirt.
  • Reach more people than word of mouth and single post on social media.


  • How much does this cost?   
Depending on the complexity of the print, front print only vs front and back print. The cost will vary. It will be set and agreed on before it is put up for sale on the website.
  • Who Pays Shipping?  
The customer will pay for shipping during checkout. Also if they use PayPal and other services for secure payment those charges will also apply.
  • How much is shipping?   
With our website platform shipping is around $4.50 for packages under 16oz.  Shipping is accurately figures during checkout.
  • Can I order extras?  
Yes, you can order extras to sale without a limit. You will only pay the set processing and printing charges including sales taxes if you live in our area. We will need to know the number and sizes requested BEFORE the set order date.
  • How much advanced notice do you need?  
The sooner you contact us and we get design finalized and up for sale the better. The longer it is up for sale the more time available for purchase. Print Date is normally set around 2 weeks before the event to allow ample time for delivery to your customer. 
  • How do you receive payment?  
Once the campaign has ended and all orders are shipping. Boudreaux's Screen Printing Co. will issue you a check and report for the proceeds.